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Dr. Faubel, certified EPONA and Power Of the Herd instructor announces the launch of a powerful series of workshops "Join-Up Leadership" which will be hosted at the Equulibrium ® International facility, providing a journey of development to those willing to enter the “arena of life” and challenge themselves with these ground breaking equine assisted activities.

"Find Your Power by Way of the Horse” is the first of a series of the Join-Up Leadership workshops that promise the opportunity to connect with the energy of horses, gain awareness, and renew your leadership potential.

Participants will learn EPONA based non-verbal leadership and communication skills that will engage leadership, dominance, and companionship-related skills. Our workshops are based on scientific research, active learning, and experience of individuals who have dedicated their lives to study horse and human behavior and its applications to human relationships in the workforce and personal realm.

No horse experience is necessary. Individuals, who are ready, will enter the “arena of life” and become active participants with the horses. What can you expect to take away from this workshop?

• Learn the roles of a leader and how to adapt these to your life

• Change is inevitable, learn how to handle yourself in the face of change

• Learn how to use your powerful sensorial system to gather information in professional settings

• Learn to engage in crucial conversations and have positive results

• Learn to combine power with compassion